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Quasimidi Quasar

When the Quasimidi Quasar first emerged it was in a tough market where the Roland JV1080 was the desired sound module. The unit was different and had something about it that other sound modules lacked. Priced at £999 the Quasar was a little more expensive than its little brother the Quasimidi Technox. It’s fair to say that for pop music in 1995 the Korg Trinity was defiantly the most wanted keyboard, displaying touch screen controls and presets that where ideal for pop music.

Quasimidi Quasar

The Quasimidi Quasar was however and will always be an electronic dance module with the added addition of being aimed at the Rave culture. This edge made this an instant hit amongst rave producers. The samples may sound a little weak by today’s standards but these samples rates where ideal for the dark bass lines that where being sourced eagerly by electronic rave producers. The ultimate edition to the Quasimidi Quasar has to be the Hardcore board released in 1995 and worth every part of the £250 English pounds. At first the sounds from the Hardcore board seem somewhat strange and non musical when isolated. It is however with these sounds that true electronic techno of its day could be produced in abundance. With the added ability to manipulate sounds via effects and ADSR access; the compositional pathway was endless.

Quasimidi Quasar Tape Sessions

Quasimidi Quasar Sessions - 2009

Return of the Quasar is the first track written by NTM UK on the Quasimidi Quasar for over ten years. The only difference is that the PR-100 is replaced with a computer based sequencer (Cubase), allowing the information recorded from the module to be manipulated slightly to fit in the mix more professionally. Once inside the DAW the midi is recorded as audio allowing the separate elements of the piece to incorporate the audio plug-ins available in-turn adding more natural reverbs and EQ while a more balanced mix.



Quasimidi Quasar Sessions - 1997

Quasimidi Quasar Sessions - 1995-96


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