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NTMusic the home of the composer and producer New Time Music (NTM UK) featuring works in a multitude of genres and styles of electronic audio production. A more in-depth discussion and analysis can be found within the blog pages and the project sections of the site. Works on this site span over a period of 20 years with early works from the Quasimidi Quasar, VST instruments (VSTi) to more recent pieces using a multitude of found sounds, electronic keyboards and real world instruments compiled using modern DAW that include Cubase and Nuendo. Electronic audio production is a key area of the work you will find on NTMusic along with remixes and insights into the composition updated periodically

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Beagle 2 Seach for In 2003 the search for the lost Beagle 2 capsule was started. The probe sent to Mars by Professor Colin Pillinger and his scientific team embarked on a mission that was said to be doomed from the offset. The technology was considered to cheap and not fit for such a complex task. When Beagle 2 […]


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