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Beagle 2 (Search for) – The Search is Over

Beagle 2 Seach forIn 2003 the search for the lost Beagle 2 capsule was started. The probe sent to Mars by Professor Colin Pillinger and his scientific team embarked on a mission that was said to be doomed from the offset. The technology was considered to cheap and not fit for such a complex task. When Beagle 2 […]

Multi-channel music and the Agent X experience feat Tim Follin and Jonathan Smith

Game loading screen Agent XMusic on the early ZX Spectrum was very cumbersome and limited by the fact that only one note could be played at any given time. Technically speaking you had a single tone generator with an on/off state being available to the composer. This at the time produced music that was more of an afterthought as […]

An analytical breakdown of Ionisation by Edgar Varese

Edgar Varese one of the leading pioneers of Electronic music, this instrumental piece demonstrates how as a composer Varese was thinking ahead of his time longing for tools that are today associated with Music Technology and Electro Acoustics

Return to the mixes

sy-35 yamaha djx sessionsReturn to the Mixes is a look back at compositions from New Time Music. With a collection spanning over 400 pieces there are always going to be mixes that are missed. This look back on the tracks and compositions will also go into some detail as to how the track was produced. Some of the […]

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