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Yamaha DJX E-35 Tape Sessions

Yamaha DJX (First Edition), Cubase and Yamaha SY-35 Sessions

All titles composed between October 1998 and December 1999 primarily using a Yamaha DJX with the addition of a Yamaha SY-35 running a version of Cubase VST 3.5 (MIDI only) on a 90 MHz personal computer.

Yamaha DJX Only Sessions


Yamaha SY-35 and DJX Sessions


Yamaha DJX (First Edition) using Cubase and a Yamaha SY-35 keyboard

With the limitations that the PR-100 had imposed on me a computer seemed like the ultimate tool to create a 1 hour non stop Dance/Rave orientated live set. The desire for this was that when playing live with the Quasar I was always forced to pause after each track; although in most live circumstances this is expectable within a Dance/Rave venue this can become annoying and at times destroy the effect desired from the music; hence the popularity of DJ's within these genres. Two sets were created with the first constructed as a way of using and understanding Cubase and DJX together, with the second set using this knowledge to create a live performance. Unfortunately after the transition from a 90 MHz PC to a 400 MHz computer the Hard Drive failed beyond recovery and this and other work in progress was lost forever. This was due to several factors firstly the size of the Cubase VST file exceeding a single floppy disc coupled with not understanding how to split files over several discs, leading to tracks being left on the hard drive with my own impression being that it was a permanent storage space. At this point I took the time to acquire the knowledge so as this scenario would never happen again, to the point that I now understand how to make and repair a PC from individual pieces, to using complex software and running multiple operating systems on one or several hard drives.

One thing that is only a by-product of limitations is the scope to which the created pieces go. That is to say having only the sounds that are available through the DJX forced (in a good way) me to be more creative with the device. So often it can be said today that having many devices can lead to the composer overlooking the full depths of the equipment being used. In some cases this can limit innovation and revert to type or a simpler solution. For example when needing certain sounds to fit into the mixes manipulation of the available sounds was the only answer. Although not always perfect the end results were acceptable and pleasing at the same time.

The introduction of the SY-35 I had hoped would bring the same level of exploration of the sounds available but in truth was a little disappointing in scope. That does not mean the sounds available through the device were completely unusable just more along the traditional side of general midi (GM) sounds available on every devise that I was using. Those sounds that were used where very good and are including in most of the recorded pieces; one could therefore see the SY-35 as a great and strong sounding GM source while having a few extra tricks in the form of experimental sounds and add detailed manipulation from the vector controls more so than the DJX in certain situations.

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