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Intelligent House



Intelligent House breaks into many different moods as the song progresses. Starting off with a computer generated voice speaking the title, that then breaks into a chart styled house song with the vocals of “Intelligent House” continuing until the first breaking point, where a piano and synthesized chords change the mood to a more somber state The re-introduction of the “Intelligent House” sample takes the song into its highest sonic state where a faithless styled anthem is played; bringing this section to a dramatic dance climax. The ending sees the song return to piano and chords, before leading out to a smooth finish. To expand on the singles arrangement the Dance cut of Intelligent House takes the original feeling that is created in the 7” version, and expands on these ideas by using different percussion instruments in a completely new arrangement.
As a final mix to the collection the Intelligent House Club Cut completely changes the lead section and introduces a second main lead, giving the mix
two definitive high points of dance ecstasy. Recorded and mastered in Leicester, UK.


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