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Edgar Varese

Edgar Varese - Ionisation

An in depth analysis of Ionisation by Edgar Varese using video and a website with a section by section breakdown of the composition.

Edgar Varese

Star Guitar (Juxtaposing Mix)

Taking the video from the Chemical Brothers track Star Guitar, The Juxtaposing Mix gives an already well established video a new perspective.

Edgar Varese

Dancing Queen (Tom Moulton - Shep Pettibone Perspectives Mix)

Tom Moulton is one of the big sleeping giants of the music industry. His findings about the presentation of music led to the 12inch Single

Video still from Barcode Population (Shopping As A Nation)

Metonymy - Barcode Population (Shopping As A Nation)

Metonymy and music to video with no defined timeline. A video composition created in 2000 by individuals that I have never met.

FFT Spectral Analysis

FFT - Spectral Analysis Techniques

A project covering the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)


Coagula Light Live

On May 30th 2003 NTM UK along with many other artists played as part of a performance project at the Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester, England.

Edgar Varese

Tape Music (Historical View)

The interventions of the tape machine explanded musical performance in directions previously unexplored or concived.

Edgar Varese

Detailed Analysis Autechre - Glitch

A detailed breakdown of the track Glitch by the electronic band Autechre.


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