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An analytical breakdown of Ionisation by Edgar Varese

Edgar Varese looking at an early tape machine Edgar Varese looking at an early tape machine

Released today on the site is an analytical breakdown of Ionisation an instrumental piece of music (or sound whichever way you perceive it) that describes natural objects and physical phenomena through sound. The composer Edgar Varese is one of the original pioneers of electronically produced music, Ionisation describes this forward thinking in terms of composition but without the use of electronics. This analytical breakdown looks at the score to Ionisation and asks questions of the roles played by the individual instruments, while offering answers to the reasoning behind Varese’s choices. Additionally the project contains a brief history on Edgar Varese’s life and a full discography of Varese’s work.



  • lisa rice says:

    What is your opinion? Personally, I dislike the stereotype that women dont know as much about scratching, records, and beatmatching as guys do, since it is a male ego driven field. I think that female DJs can be just as good and even better than men at djing. What do you think?

  • Beth jones says:

    Female dj,s looking at the new feamle djs, around they all play hard house what about electro House female Djs, any ideas

  • Sharon sloe says:

    Drum and base trance psy trance house funky house electro house? I want to start Djing but not sure what style of music to start out with what is the best and most common used to start out ?


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